GST e-Invoice Solution

Using eMudhra's Digital Signature you can now digitally sign invoices, delivery orders, challans, consignment notes and much more in a few simple steps. You can also achieve huge cost savings while ensuring legal compliance.

At eMudhra, we understand that each entity has different needs. We believe in providing customized solutions to meet specific business requirements.

As a part of 'Digital India' initiative, many Organizations are shifting to paperless office. Recently, The Indian Union Budget 2015-16 has allowed Invoices, Challans, and Consignment notes etc., to be Digitally Signed with Digital Signature Certificates and sent to customers electronically. As per the regulations pertaining to invoicing, an invoice can be authenticated by means of a digital signature. Further, as a part of the Goods and ServicesTax (GST) regulations in India, all invoices and forms that are uploaded for GST filings are required to be digitally signed by an authorized representative. eMudhra's Solution can help your organization become GST compliant and save costs and improve process efficiency. PKI based Digital signatures are legally valid in India and other countries, hence organizations can now send and store electronic invoices that are digitally signed using digital signature certificates.

What you need to get started

  • Class 2 or Class 3 Digital Certificate
  • Crypto token or Hardware Security Module (for bulk signing of invoices)
  • emSigner - eMudhra's industry leading signing solution
  • Our signer solution is also readily available as emSigner in a box for plug & play deployment.
Advantages of Digitally Signing Invoices and Other Documents:

Here's a few benefits of going digital:

  • No need to print copies - It's a known fact that total cost of manual paper invoicing can be much higher than e-invoicing. E-Invoicing can save costs like the cost of paper, ink, huge physical storage cost for years. What's more, Digital signatures provide green, environment friendly alternative to paper intensive processes.
  • No need to send physical documents - Saves high cost of courier and delivering time
  • No need to sign each document manually - Saves time. Bulk signing of other documents such as Quality Reports, Form 16, Statements, and Contracts are also possible.
  • Quick delivery and immediate response. Electronic documents can be immediately delivered to recipients over email and are easy to handle and transfer.
  • Electronic documents are easy to archive and retrieve whenever needed.
  • Companies can have integrated workflow. Signing, transfer, processing of electronic documents can happen within the system itself.
  • Electronic and Digital signatures are as authentic as hand written signatures.

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