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What is emSigner

  • emSigner is a secure cloud (SaaS) based automated workflow and signing solution which can be accessed from anywhere and anytime and it allows you to sign legally binding documents online, without pen, paper or fax. In a way that is faster and more secure than executing paper documents.
  • It’s a digital signature solution for online document signing, document management and workflow based online portal. Solution is devised to suit the needs of Individual’s, SME’s and Enterprises for their day to day document signing needs. This a paperless office concept and solution which aims at replacing the herculean manual efforts, time and cost involved in paper based signing and approval process to an automated, efficient, time and cost saving workflow based online document signing solution.
  • emSigner can be used as either as a standalone system which can be accessed through web browser over any network or only through intranet network or integrate with any of the existing applications such as CRM system, ERP system or any other process automation or business workflow management tools to digitally sign & dispatch the documents without any manual intervention.
Features of emSigner
  • Digitally on Invoices and Chalan.
  • Integration with ERP which is generating invoices.
  • Sever side signing on fly with HSM
  • As per GST compliance for submitting digitally signed invoices.
  • On premise Deployment
  • Save Huge Costs
  • Ensure straight through processing
  • Improve customer experience
  • Comprehensive Paperless Office Workflow Management
  • Verticalized for Human Resources, Finance, Legal etc.
  • Legally valid Digital Signatures and electronic signature.

Aaron Solution Offering:

  • Paperless office and workflow management – Save 80% cost. No requirement of Print, Sign, Stamp for Invoice, PO, Challans, Offer letters, Agreements. Save 80% paper related cost. Integrate with your ERP solution and Automate sign documents generated from ERP with Digital signature. There is no requirement to carry Digital Signature, it can be installed in HSM H/w alongwith server.
  • Contract Management
  • Our solution can be easily integrated with ERP to automate signing documents


  • Save your Time and save more than 80% cost of Print, Paper, Courier and Admin cost.
  • It also increases employee Productivity.
  • Don’t need to carry Digital signature with you, It can be securely kept in HSM H/w installed alongwith your server.
  • Eliminate manually processing of Invoices from Vendors: Manual processing of bills, Invoices is not only cumbersome but also less secure. A lot of man-hours gone wasted in manually processing, monthly bills and verifying payments. Automate your billing process and switch to a more secure, robust and legally valid solution. Our solution will be integrated with your Vendor Portal and only accepts Invoices that are digitally signed thus makes your billing fast, ensures accountability, security and more transparency.

Other Benefits:

  • Save your office space used for Keeping documents, Scanners, Printers.
  • Resolves Auditing and compliance issue, if physical copies are not secured and maintained properly.
  • No documents getting misplaced. Easy tracking.

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